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  • In the years since the Heartland Poker Tour’s inception, the tour has not sponsored a player. In the time since Darvin Moon became the runner up in the World Series of Poker Main Event (WSOP), he’s not accepted a single sponsorship offer. Together they are forging an attention catching team.

  • Darvin Moon was deemed by many as unable to be signed, because he refused sponsorship as a member of the November Nine. With his home town feel and attitude, Moon was quoted as saying, “I don’t want a boss. I’ve come this far on my own; I don’t want to answer to anybody now.” He called the shots that brought him all the way to the final table and had no plans to change that at the final table.

  • Since that time, Darvin has found a comfortable match among the people of the Heartland Poker Tour. He believes they represent the perfect fit for his lifestyle. No one doubts that Darvin Moon is one of the hardest working names in poker today. This, of course, refers to outside of the poker industry as a whole. This long time Maryland logger ran his own business for many years before competing in the 2009 WSOP main event. His general disposition has not changed from that of the hardworking American man, competing for the pleasure of the game and the win.

  • Todd Anderson, president of the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT), believes Darvin is the right kind of guy to represent their brand. In the eyes of Mr. Anderson, Darvin is the hardworking man who now lives the dream many people seek when playing the game of

  • starts 2nd in chips at this year’s WSOP final table with 46,250,000 in chips. This online pro, who plays online under the name”JRD312,” has numerous strong live tournament performances, including making the final table of $1,000 NL Hold’em Event #36 earlier in the 2010 WSOP and his $94,000 win playing online in a

  • . Jordan Morgan was the last pro standing when he finished a few tables short of the final table at 55th place. The final 9 players entered the final table after seven hours of tournament play. All of the stacks were relatively in close size, with averages at 1.2 million. Reletrom and HosniMubarak were in contention with each other for the chip lead until it got 4 handed and Reletrom was eliminated. HosniMubarak would maintain his lead to take 1st place in this week’s $750k guarantee, along with a prize of $136,080 for his efforts.

  • “Holding onto a perilous chip lead, Thornburg lost self-control and began jamming chips into the pot with reckless abandon. Warned by tournament officials (repeatedly) to stack his chips properly and obey the rules, Thornburg crossed the final demarcation of everyone’s patience when he shoved half of his stack into the pot and then later announced, “all in.” Fed up with the annoying and confusing antics, officials announced Thornburg’s immediate disqualification.”

  • The remaining players and spectators could only watch as Thornburg was ejected from the texas holdem poker tournament. He was automatically eliminated in 5th place, earning $19,026. His chips were removed from play and the final table played out like normal. Frank Panetta would go on to win first place, with a prize of $76, 104.

  • has become the most popular poker game across North America and Europe. It slowly gained popularity in the the 19th century, during the Civil War, but its popularity surged in recent years due to the large amount of exposure on TV, the internet, and in literature. The largest surge in popularity came in 2003 when an amateur poker player by the name of Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker (W.S.O.P.) main event for a total of $2.5 million. This victory revealed the public that anybody can win, inspiring them to try their luck in poker. Everybody knows how to play Texas hold em but not many people know the origins of the favored card game.

  • The history of Texas Holdem poker originated around the middle of the tenth century in China. The emperor of China, Mu-tsung, liked the game of Antoine domino cards. This that farthest in history that any form of Texas hold em can be traced back. The history of Texas hold em continued to spread and evolve throughout the world. Playing cards found in Egypt, dating back to about the thirteenth century, appeared to be similar to the playing cards used today. Also many believe that Texas hold em originated from Ganjifa (meaning playing card),a very popular card game in India. Ganjifa consists of 12 subjects on colored backgrounds with the cards ranging from 1 to 10 with two court cards of a minister or counselor, and a king.

  • The spread of these variations stayed in Asia. A game called As Nas created by the Persians is a game that uses five cards to make a hand but only 25 cards were used. It is believed that the Iranians instructed the Guns in a game similar to As Nas called Pochen which the Guns spread to the French. The French named this game Poque, the word poker derives from.

  • The French then brought Poque to the United States to the town of New Orleans. This game then spread throughout the United States via the Mississippi River. The people who learned the game that lived around the Mississippi River spread it throughout other colonies and towns along the railroads. This card game became extremely popular with cowboys in the Old West.

  • Although not many people are sure where Texas holdem, as we know it today, came from, it is clear that Texas is the state of origin. The state of Texas recognizes the town of Robstown as the origin of Texas hold em which occurred in the early 1900s. This game then passed through Texas reaching the town of Dallas in 1925.

  • Texas hold em was introduced to Las Vegas in 1967 by a group of Texan gamblers including Crandell, Addington, Doyle Brunson, and Amarillo Slim. Tom Moor added the first ever poker tournament in 1979 which featured several games including Texas hold em.

  • The Texas holdem gained popularity throughout the country in 1970 when the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino was opened in Las Vegas by Benny Binion.Binion took over a small invitational poker tournament from Riverside Casinos Tom Morehead, renamed the World Series of Poker. The main even of this tournament was none other then Texas hold em. In 1972, 8 players took part in the first ever World Series of Poker. Now that number has increased to thousands of entrants. The tournament is the most highly regarded in the world.

  • is once a month with a $500 buy in. It drew very well with a prize pool of over $1.5 million. Here, the Texas holdem poker action is down to the final four where the players agreed to a chop that left $30,000 to the winner. Player usourcek would only agree to the deal if he was given an extra $5,000. Chip leader at the time, annekechillo agreed to take $5,000 out of his cut to calm usourcek and the deal was finalized. The numbers are below.

  • The bad luck didnt stop there as annekechillo put his tournament at risk with, once again, pocket threes. This time, however, ran into pocket jacks, which ended the players impressive run.





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